Sacred Presence

We live our lives in the Presence of the Loving One who invites us to be loving presence to all.

This growing collection of short videos probe the spiritual dimension of our everyday lives.
You can download them to your computer for free , or play them in full screen by clicking on the icon.

Ever-Present Presence

Karl Rahner (1904-1984) invites us to sense the Lord as a blessed, protective nearness.

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Late Have I Loved You

St. Augustine (354-430) gives voice to his longing for God.

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The Breath of God

With every in-breath, we can receive the Spirit. With every out-breathe we can share the Spirit.

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Be Still and Know

The Holy One invites us into the Sacred Presence.

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All is Well

Juliana of Norwich (1342-1416) provides an immersion experience of God's all-embracing love.

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Mary's Yes

Mary, lived a lifetime 'YES', to God's Presence in all her joys and sorrows.

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Marriage Made in Heaven

Mechthild of Magdeburg (1210-1282) shares a sacred union between the soul and Christ.

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Graceful Light

The windows of the Trappist Abbey of the Genesee offer life to all who will receive.

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