Websites that Share an Awareness of the Sacred

The Henri Nouwen Society fosters the spirituality of solitude, community and compassion that was embodied in the life and teaching of Henri Nouwen.

The Merton Institute
The Thomas Merton Institute is dedicated to personal spiritual transformationthrough raising awareness of Thomas Merton's spiritual insights and contemplative practices.
Visitors to this website are invited "to plug into the active transformative power of gratefulness."

Mary Southard, painter and sculpter
The creative works on this website invite us into deeper relationship with our own soul and the soul of the world.

Ministry of the Arts
A resource for creative ways of bringing the sacred into our everyday lives.

Ecospirituality Resources
A resource for materials that:
• connect concern for creation with growing faith in the Mystery within it
• integrate new scientific discoveries with beliefs and lifestyles
• deepen understanding of threats to Earth’s life systems and our call to respond

Fergus' Web
A portal of connections to mystics, teachers, poets, prophets, as well as topics such as Care of the Earth.

Into the Wardrobe
A site about C. S. Lewis and his writing.

Contemplative Outreach
The intent of Contemplative Outreach is to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer..

Shalom Place
This web site provides a wide variety of resources to encourage and support Christian contemplative spirituality.