Our Vision

Deepeing Our Awareness of the Sacred

This website is an invitation to look more deeply into life's everyday realities, and to savor the glimpses of sacred and loving reality they reflect.

Seescapes is the ministry of Len Sroka, a retired producer of multi-media training programs for industry. He now devotes his energies to creating video meditations that help us attune to the sacred in our lives.

In a personal search for deeper meaning, I've spent the last four decades gleaning spiritual wisdom from the writings of spirtual visionaries. Over the years, as I read and reread their words, nuggets of wisdom seemed to jump off the page to get my attention. As a writer and photo-illustrator, I've made it my business to combine images and words to visualize these nuggets of wisdom. For the last 15 years I've shared the resulting photo-meditations on this website and through my books and DVDs.

Here are a few quotes from an article in the January 20, 2006 NCR (National Catholic Reporter)
Throughout his career with Kodak, and other corporations, Len Sroka has pursued his own version of spiritual art -- using photography. I started off as a writer, then discovered the camera, then the darkroom, then the computer, Sroka said. His art uses layer upon layer of images or fractions of images, employing special effects. Sroka usually combines these pictures with meditations, either his own writing or quotes of others.

His gentle way of sharing his faith is evident in his work. Each image is an invitation to spiritual exploration. To see the full article, click here.

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Seescapes Publishing makes video meditations available as high definition DVDs.