Our best eyesight is but a small window on all that reality really is. All of life invites us to open to the unseen, spiritual dimension.

Today’s space telescopea give us our first glimpses of full spectrum reality. We need more than visible light alone. We need other light as well — light in the ultraviolet, infrared, radio and x-ray wavelengths.

Yet, even our best efforts at full-spectrum seeing leaves us in the dark. Our deepest probes merely scratch the surface of the Divine mystery in which we are immersed.

1. An Eye-Opener
2. Seen and Unseen
3. Awakening to the Unseen
4. Unveiling the Unseen
5. Full Spectrum Seeing
6. Beyond the Seen

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“The Seeing Light Unseen DVD is inspiring. The more we can  learn to hold the wisdom of our faith tradition with the new insights from  science, the  deeper we can grow into  the Divine.” Sr. Terry Abraham, Ireland

“Such a vision, such a Love! Thanks so very much for the Seeing Light Unseen DVD.” Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ