Water, land, air — our Earth Commons — is the blessing we share. Our Earth Commons is our life support system.Our sacramental life calls us to participate in bringing all things back together in Christ.

1. Earth Commons—Our Shared Blessing
2. Blessing Our Wounded Earth
3. Healing the Healers
4. Healing the Water We Drink
5. Healing the Air We Breathe
6. Healing the Land that Feeds Us
7. Blessing a New Creation

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“The Healing Earth DVD is simply great!  You are so highly professional in the use of photography, along with the sound that accompanies the script.” Al Fritsch, SJ, www.earthhealing.info

“The Healing Earth DVD is simply glorious. I feel it will have a powerful effect on all who view it.” Janet Powell, photographer

“Thank you so much for the "Healing Earth"  DVD. It is so well presented, reflective and personally challenging. Keep up your great work - it is an important ministry.” Sr. Joan Reynolds, Mamre Retreat Centre, Australia 

“The Healing Earth DVD is very moving! You are contributing such immediacy to changing hearts!” Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ

“Our Franciscan appreciation for creation resonates with the deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Your videos are just what we need to raise awareness! Thank you for making them available via YouTube.” Danielle Julien, MFIC, Rome