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The photo-meditations in PSALMscapes merge the expressive power of human faces and earthy places. When we dare to be "honest to God" in prayer, we allow our faces, along with our words, to reflect our praising, as well as our pleading. Download PSALMscapes

The Grace-Full Life

Each of our lives is full of grace ó even when it doesnít seem to be. We and our world, are always in the gift of Godís loving Presence, believes theologian Karl Rahner. The text accompanying the images are interpretations of Karl Rahnerís insights, expressed in haiku, a form of Japanese contemplative poetry. The images have been created to help us visualize the everyday nearness of our God. Download The Grace-Full Life


We live soul-deep in an infinite and eternal reality, most of which usually evades us. This book explores the spiritual senses of: Awe, Destiny, Honesty, Balance, Connection, Mission and Presence. To give voice to these spiritual senses we use Haiku, short Japanese poetry which invites us to enter a new way of sensing. Download Sense-Abilities

World Alive with Loving God

This book shares the lifelong vision of Teilhard de Chardin — priest, scientist, and mystic. In his introduction to The Divine Milieu, Teilhard describes himself as a man who seeks to show us "how to see God everywhere, to see him in all that is most hidden, most solid, and most ultimate in the world." Download World Alive with Loving God

The Wisdom of Women

This book illustrates quotes from Mary of Nazareth, Hildegard of Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Juliana of Norwich, Catherine of Siena. Teresa of Avila, and Therese of Lisieux — women who embodied the qualities of the divine wisdom of Sophia. Download The Wisdom of Women

Wise Eyes

Conventional wisdom holds that "Seeing is Believing." But spiritual wisdom holds that "Believing is seeing." The photo-meditations in this book invite us to see more deeply than we ordinarily see ó seeing the ordinary places and faces of our lives as extra-ordinary as they really are. Download Wise Eyes

Stay Tuned

In this book I present electronic tuning as the symbol for our search for deeper meaning. The science behind radio and television tuning, I believe, has a lot to say, not only about how we stay in touch with our world, but also about how we achieve resonant relationships with our deepest selves, with our loved ones and with our God. Download Stay Tuned