This photo-meditation — linking the Eucharist with our current environmental crisis — is inspired by Mass On The World, an essay by priest-scientist Teilhard de Chardin.

In these meditations Teilhard’s earthy Eucharistic vision is shared by contemporary visionaries who call us to a deeper awareness of Earth as a Divine gift we’re called to cherish and celebrate.

1. Earth, the Gift Given
2. Reclaiming the Gift Rejected
3. Offering the Earth-Gift
4. Blessing the Earth-Gift
5. Becoming Earth-Gift

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Viewer Comments

“I will be using Earthy Eucharist with Sisters preparing for their Final Vows. They are from India, Vietnam, Mynamar, Bangladesh, Latin America, and Africa.  You now share in our mission.”  Sr. Sheila Madden, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"I find the Earthy Eucharist DVD hauntingly beautiful. Such lovely scenes and quotations. Harvey Egan S.J.

"It's a most engaging and attractive DVD." Elizabeth Ann Johnson, Fordham University

"We have an EARTH Liturgy here once a month and I know we will be able to use it to enhance our ceremony." Diane Pendola, Skyline Eco-Contemplative Centerr

“Thanks again for Earthy Eucharist! It's a contribution not only to my spiritual enrichment but to that of all my sisters, as I shall be sharing it with them and others.” Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ, Chicago

"I showed the fifth segment of Earthy Eucharist to our parish Green Team meeting, and everyone loved it. It might as well have been created for us! " Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ, Chicago

"This is quite wonderful! Each image is so rich, each quotation so provocative. Earthy Eucharist so invites people into how Sacred Earth is, the Sacred Presence in and through all creation." Mary Southard, Artist

“We watched your beautiful DVD on Earthy Eucharist here in the Philippines. One Sister said to me after: watching the DVD I thought I was at the Eucharist!” Sr. Sheila Madden, Canada

“Your Earthy Eucharist DVD is a wonderful way of raising awareness and drawing us deeper into the whole mystery of a broader Eucharist.” Sr. Doreen McGrath, New Zealand