Once in a great while, for a moment or two, we can awaken to the greater reality
in which we are immersed. But quickly, we return to business-as-usual.

Yet, there are times when our fleeting awakenings open us to the greater reality of spirit. Awakening to spirit can naturally lead us to a deeper awareness of the Divine present in our lives, and in our world.

Yet so often, the Divine feels more absent than present. But God is not absent. We are not present. Only when we finally learn to become more present do we begin to awaken to the ever-presence of the Divine.

1. Moments of Awakening
2. Awakening to Spirit
3. Awakening to Divine Presence
4. Awakening to Our Absence
5. Becoming Present

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Viewer Comments

"I am awed by the beauty and message of Awakening to Presence. It is so right on! It will do great good!" Terri MacKenzie SHCJ

"I have enjoyed Awakening to Presence several times; sometimes just one section at a sitting...so reflective, and inviting to reflection." Mary Southard, CSJ, artist

“The message you convey in Awakening to Presence is one of wonder and awe as we try to move deeper into the Mystery we name 'God'. Joan Reynolds, Mamre Retreat Centre, Australia            

“Our prayers are with you for your ministry among those who are still asleep to the mystery of God’s Presence in their lives.” Sr. Terry Abraham, Ireland